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Why Teach in Mongolia?
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You don't hear of many people visiting Mongolia- let alone moving there to teach. And that's what makes this country such an exciting destination.

Mongolia is a big country- 2x the size of Texas. But while Texas has the population of 25 million people...Mongolia rounds out at 3 million people. It's the most sparsely populated country in the world! Think of it as the Canada of Asia with tons of space, gorgeous landscape and people that are as friendly as can be! 

As far as teaching opportunities go, jobs are certainly on the rise in Mongolia- especially in the capitol city of Ulaanbaatar. From private language academies, to International Schools and Universities- take your pick! 

Bordering China, Kazakstan, and Russia, you can also expect a diverse collection of cultures the further you travel to each border. Mongolia is a fabulous country to live in if you want to country-hop to some of the most off-the-beaten path places on earth. Siberia, anyone?