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March 21, 2018

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Best Date Spots around Asia

August 19, 2017

Love abroad is an exciting, and sought-after experience for expats and travelers alike. Unsurprisingly, the dating scene here in Asia is on fire!


In just about every big city throughout Asia you will find bars lit up with a nightlife scene that draws you in. Locals and foreigners mingling, drinks flowing and music going- many people are hoping to find a spark. But it’s keeping that spark alive in a foreign city that is the tricky part.


Now, you’ve connected with someone and you can’t wait to take them out, but where?! In a foreign city, a whole new list of worries can suddenly be added to the inevitable first-date pressure. So, take it from someone who has done all the dating in these big cities to help you pick a spot to ensure a smooth night.



#5: Phnom Penh: Taqueria Corona




It might be the mood lighting, or the incredible margaritas that set Taqueria Corona as the most romantic date night I have had in all of Asia.


Any place that can make tequila shots feel classy is already off to a good start. The night just gets better and better with homemade tortilla chips and authentic enchiladas. This small little taqueria will leave you and your date feeling like you’re the only ones in the restaurant.


Once the tone is set, you wont want the night to end. This location is just a cozy tuk-tuk ride to the riverside for a romantic walk along the water.



#4: Tokyo, Japan – Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane)



via thetravelmentor.com


If your idea of a perfect date involves tiny hole in the wall joints combined with copious amounts of beer and sake then this unique area in the heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district is absolutely for you.


The street itself is home to around 60 tiny restaurants/bars serving freshly grilled yakitori and tempura, along with a huge variety of alcoholic beverages. For the more adventurous eaters, some local specialties include whole deep fried frogs and grilled salamander- this is a chance to show off your fun side!


A popular spot with both locals and tourists alike, the establishments generally have a capacity of between 4 and 10 seats in an alluring bar setting where you can watch the chef prepare your food a few feet away. Many of the restaurants have English menus and usually one of the staff will speak good enough English to assist you with ordering food and drinks.




#3: Busan, South Korea: Sushi Berry




You may be surprised to learn that sushi rolls are actually rare to come by in Asia. When you take your date to this hidden gem in the heart of Busan, you’ll have already won them over.  It’s not only the food that makes Sushi Berry a perfect date spot, but the atmosphere as well.


There is no pressure in this relaxed sushi bar. The gracious sushi masters will make you feel at home and hopefully, take away some of those date night jitters. You can loosen up for some free-flowing conversation while getting a bit intimate sharing an incredible meal


If you’re feeling spontaneous…take your sushi to go. Hyaenduai Beach is nearby, where you can snuggle up on the boardwalk while having dinner with your toes in the sand.




#2 Taipei, Taiwan: Brookhurst

via Taipei Times



Bibs, gloves and a bucket of Cajun style seafood…is there anything better to break the ice? I don’t think so. Plus, watching a man (or more so, a woman) destroy a crab leg with their bare hands is pretty attractive.


The discovery of draft beer along with a huge selection of sauces, and sides has earned Brookhurst a special place in my heart and my stomach. Walk away spending around $40 USD for a fantastic meal with some serious laughs. 


There are tons of cozy bars lined all up and down the street where you two can transition into romance mode. 



#1: Bangkok, Thailand: Above Eleven


 via BK Magazine



You may not think of Bangkok as a sexy place…but Bangkok is a sexy place!

Above Eleven is a rooftop bar with a 360° view of Bangkok’s glittering skyline. The semi-casual dress code and lush couches will make you feel as posh as they come.


Settle in for an exotic night of Peruvian Japanese cuisine with a menu designed for two. Your date will certainly be impressed with the food and you, by the end of the night.



Each location is beautiful, every menu is exciting and you can afford to go all out! One benefit of dating abroad is that you can expect to pay just around $50 USD for the two of you at each exciting spot.


These cities have so much to offer for love and we all deserve to experience it!  Incredible adventures can be so beautiful when shared with exceptional people.

So, go out and live an exciting life with someone you care about. And when you do meet someone special, now you have an opener...


“I’ve heard of a great spot that you’d love to take you to.”