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9 Places you Must Visit in China - The Ultimate Bucket List

December 3, 2017

You probably know China for it's shining star- 'The Great wall of China'. But this wonder of the world isn’t the only amazing landmark that deserves your attention. If you are planning a trip China, make the most of it by following our ultimate Chinese bucket list. 


Visit China’s Famous Water Cities

Venice has got nothing on these majestic water cities. Take old world charm, ancient architecture, and reflective canals to give you a glimpse of how life used to be back in the simpler times.


The most famous water city in China is Hongcun, but if you want to get off the beaten path and avoid the crowds, then head to Tongli or Nanxun near Shanghai.


Have a walk through the winding alleys, sample some authentic Chinese food over reflective sunsets, and get an up-close look at what small town China has to offer. 


Check out the Terracotta Army in Xi’an



A trip to China is incomplete without visiting its former capital of Xi’an and its Terracotta Army. Before March of 1974, this army of 8,000 warriors went completely undiscovered. If it wasn't for a couple of Chinese farmers on a mission to build a well on their land, this amazing archive would still be hidden underground. 


The Terracotta Army, which is now claimed as an 8th Wonder of the World, was created by Mausoleum workers to protect Emperor Qin Shi Huang in his afterlife. In addition to being claimed as the 8th wonder of the world, this site is also dubbed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Throng Beiyuanmen Muslim Street Market for the Best Bargains


While you are in the city of Xi’an to check out the Terracotta Army, don't miss the opportunity to visit its most popular (and unique) night market. 


Beiyuanmen Muslim Street Market is a slice of Middle-Eastern paradise in the form of souvenirs and scrumptious food inspired by Egypt, Saudia Arabia and Oman.


This famous market is located in the Muslim neighborhood in Xian where Arab and Persian Muslims reside in China. Referred to as the 'Hui people', this collection of citizen used to be foreign merchants back in the day but today, their people and it's culture are very much local. They still sell middle eastern ouveniers, food, and add a touch of unexpected culture in the Beiyuanmen Market. Try the lamb skewers and flat bread soaked in mutton- they're to die for.  


Explore Tibet


Up until 1949, Tibet was an isolated and independent Buddhist nation in the Himalayas where The Dalai Lama resided. Then in 1950, The Communist Chinese party invaded with the goal of overthrowing the government. In doing so, nearly a million Tibetians were killed, wildlife was destroyed and culture was lost. 


Today, China claims Tibet as their own. You will require a special pass to enter the area of Tibet so be sure to prepare for it in advance. Follow this in-depth 'How to get to Tibet from Mainland China' guide to help you out. 


Once you access Tibet, you can visit ancient monasteries, go on on breathtaking mountainous treks, and take a peek into the culture that once was. Although the past of Tibet has been tainted with tragedy, it’s important not to ignore what it still has to offer today.  


Take a trip to the Avatar Mountains

Zhangjiajie National Park is a famous sight in China especially after the release of the extraterrestrial movie Avatar, which people started to notice looked a lot like Zhangjiajie. If Avatar impressed you via 3D glasses, just imagine what you're in for when you visit the beautiful mountains of Zhangjiajie National Park to see with your own eyes.


Enjoy the journey to this national park which will take you to the village Wulingyuan where you'll hop on a train with some amazing scenic views along the way. Take you time and soak up the culture at every stop. 



Attend the Harbin Ice Festival


Once a year, Harbin turns it's city into a real-life winter wonderland. 


The globe’s biggest ice sculpture festival, the annual Harbin Ice & Snow Festival sees the northern Chinese city transformed into a scene from the movie 'Frozen' with impressive structures of snow and ice lit by colorful lights.


To catch this festival, check flights and trains from Beijing to Harbin February 26-27, 2018. 


Visit the Great Wall of China


Last but not the least- The Great Wall of China.


Let’s be real, if you visit China but don’t take a trip to the Great Wall, have you really been to China?


The Great Wall of China has previously been named one of the Seven Wonders of the World and for good reason. Spanning 5,500.3 miles, this was quite the ambitious feat and trust me when I say- you've got to see it in person.


So pack your backpack with nutritious food and strap on your most comfortable shoes and get your camera ready to make your Chinese Bucket List come to life. 


All photos courtesy of Wikimedia


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