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March 21, 2018

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Top 10 Insider Tips for Visiting Bangkok

December 4, 2017

Save money, get around faster, and see more with these top tips for Bangkok. 







MRT/BTS Card for Sukhumvit

 Buy a MRT/BTS card to get discounts on your fares and skip the busy lines. As of November 2017, the BTS and MRT cards are separate, but a dual-purpose card will be out soon.


Tinder/Bumble are Alive and Well for Dating & Meeting Locals

Find a sightseeing partner with another traveler or link up with a local who knows all the best spots in the city. This is a very date-friendly city!


Beer, Wine & Alcohol Sale Times

Alcohol is sold between 11am-2pm & 5pm-11pm. This goes for all supermarkets and convenient stores. However, if you can find a little Mom & Pop shop- they’ll hook you up 24/7.


Khao San Road is a Great Place to Meet People

 Traveling solo? You can literally approach a table of friendly looking people on Khao San and ask to join. It’s magic.


The Tour Companies actually have Great Deals

Walking around Khao San Road, you’ll see plenty of tour companies with books of jungle treks and floating market tours. They are pros at giving you great experiences for great prices for day trips! As far as multi-day trips, you’ll save a couple bucks by planning those on your own.



 @ livelessordinary.com


Pad Thai is good but 7-11 Toasties are better. Grab one of these sandwiches from the fridge section of 7-11 and hand it to the 7/11 staff who will cook it for you. Warning: you may become addicted.


Carry Passport Photos

If you’re country hopping, get cheap passport photos made in Thailand and carry them around in your wallet. This will save you time and money during border crossings.


Avoid Over-Packing

Forget the shampoo, the cute wedge shoes, the jeans, and the blow dryer! You won’t need any of it here! Leave room in your suitcase- you’re going to fill it up shopping anyways!


Cheap Flights with Nok Air

When flying in and from Thailand, check out Nok Air. This cute Thai airway is often not listed on major flight searching websites and the prices can be much cheaper.


Download Local Apps

This city is connected to some awesome apps that will make your trip a lot easier and a lot cheaper if you use them!

  1. Grab Taxi. Grab Taxi is like Uber but tends to be cheaper and have more cars available. Some Grabs are actual Taxis and some are private cars. You can pay cash on the taxi meter or pay by card.

  2. Eatigo. This city-wide food app offers insane food deals up to 50% off all around the city. Why not plan your day around food?

  3. Line. Most Thai locals use Line as their messenger app in place of Whatsapp. You can make calls and text with fun little stickers on wifi.


Photos are courtesy of Wikimedia



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