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Top 10 Things to do in Malaysia – The Ultimate Bucket List

December 5, 2017

"Malaysia truly Asia"


The motto of Malaysia is spot on. The Malaysian population and culture is a true Asian melting pot consisting mainly of Malay, Chinese, and Indian people. With these people come a beautiful (and tasty) kaleidoscope of culture that will rock your world.  


You'll find temples, mosques, and churches alongside neighborhoods full of trendy cafes and massive food courts. Spend a week on the Pristine beaches of Langkawi then venture through the artistic streets of Penang. Every corner of this country has 



Watch the Sunset from Petronas Towers

For the best view of the sunset, climb up to the Sky Bridge of the Petronas Towers.

These two iconic towers in the heart of Kuala Lumpur serve as the center of entertainment and tourism. At the base, you'll find a fancy shopping mall with Chanel and Dior. Surrounding the towers is a gorgeous park and water feature light show every night. 


 A tip to keep in mind: book your tickets to access the sky bridge in advance!


Bring your haggling skills to Petaling Street in Chinatown


Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur is top notch in terms of shopping. 


You will find things that you didn’t know you needed in Chinatown. From authentic looking knock-offs of sunglasses, and makeup to souvenirs galore. Just remember, whatever price your initially offered- cut it in half and see how far the vendor will budge. 


When you've exerted all your energy, head over to the massive open-air food courts serving delicious Chinese & Indian dishes. 


Drink out of a Plastic Bag

From a business point of view, street vendors find it convenient to serve drinks in a plastic bag instead of a bottle. It is definitely an odd tradition but that’s what Malaysia truly is.


So while you are in Malaysia be sure to live like a local and get a drink in a plastic bag. From soft drinks to coffee, you can get it all.



Go to the top of Batu Caves

From the 42 meter high statue of Hindu Lord Murugan to the 272 steps it takes to get to the cave temple- everything about Batu Caves is breathtaking.


Enjoy the climb as you pass wildlife, gaze up at the limestone cliffs and avoid the curious monkeys who want to know what snacks you've brought. 


Hike the Cameron Highlands Trails

 @ Lonely Planet

While it’s pretty much every traveler’s dream to go on safari in Africa or hike through the Amazon for a full nature immersion- not many people realize the insane wildlife experiences that you can access in the rainforests of Malaysia. 

The Cameron Highland Trails are dense with lush green forest, sky-high trees and an undisturbed ecosystem. Hike with a guide over hanging bridges and through tree tunnels as they point out birds, snakes, monkeys and lizards. Not only do you get to see beautiful well known animals but you also get to see some of the rarest breeds of animals of the world. Check out some tours here. 


 Dive at the Perhentian Islands


These tiny islands off of the east coast of Malaysia are a diver's dream! Underwater lovers flock from every corner of the earth to explore the wide range of corals, sea turtles and small sharks in these waters.


Although these islands are pretty popular, they still are way less crowded than the packed islands of Thailand and with pretty decent prices. 


Stroll around Little India in Kuala Lumpur

After a disastrous flood and fire in the old quarters of KL during the late 1800's, Sri Lankan and Indian workers were brought over to rebuild. And they stayed. 

Today, Brickfields - otherwise known as 'Little India'- is a mecca for all things Bollywood, naan, and glittery jewelry. It literally feels like being in India. So authentic, so cheap, and so colorful. 


Explore Georgetown on a Rickshaw

Georgetown is the main city of the island of  Penang. While Penang is an island- it's easily reachable by car via a bridge that connects it with the mainland. While the beaches are lovely- it's the artistic streets filled with artisan coffee shops and French-style buildings repurposed as art canvases that make this place truly unique.


From historic buildings to beautiful art galleries, Georgetown has it all. You can take a bus, rickshaw, trishaw, or a cab to explore this beautiful area. Be sure to take your camera along because you will be seeing some amazing sights and not capturing them will be a big mistake.



See Penang from the top of Penang Hill


Penang Hill is a must-do while you're visiting the island. While you can catch a train to reach the top, the hike is well worth it and not too intense of an incline. The hill is around 5 km long, however, so if you plan on hiking it then be sure to pack your bag accordingly, eat a good breakfast, and head up while the weather is still cool. Once you reach the top, you'll be rewarded with views of the entire island. 


Go whitewater rafting

I think by now we've established that there is a variety of everything interesting in Malaysia whether it's food, religion, nature or culture. So while we're on the subject of diversity, let's add in one more topic: water sports in Malaysia.


In addition to snorkeling and diving, another water sport that can be done in Malaysia is whitewater rafting. From gentle rapids to 'oh my god, I'm going to die' rapids- you can find them all. Generally the pricing for whitewater rafting starts from RM200 and comes with super fantastic guides.


Check out some rapid options here.




Want to see more by the author of this article? Check out the passionate Rida Maqbool at roadsignsandpixels.com





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