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March 21, 2018

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Best Travel Christmas Gifts for Serious Travelers

December 6, 2017


Travelers are free-spirits who prefer passport stamps to clutter. This holiday season, don’t bother giving a Christmas gift unless it’s totally useful on their travels or will provide some inspiration to save their pennies before jumping on a plane to explore the world!


Here is the ultimate gift list for travelers! 






  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones


With all those buses and babies and obnoxiously babbling airplane neighbors- sometimes you just want to shut the world out and focus on enjoying your travels.


These noise canceling headphones are so comfortable that you can lay your head against the window, stare out into the new, and still be super comfortable.


These headphones come with a travel bag, rechargeable USB cord, and an adapter for airplanes. Take my money!



2.  Portable Bluetooth Speaker


 And it’s waterproof!


This lightweight speaker is an essential to keep the travel vibes singing! On the beach, on a boat, in their little bungalow on the beach- what’s life and travel without music?


3.  Scratch Off Map


Keep track of where you’ve been and where you’re going with this scratch-off travel map!


With each and every country conquered, they’ll love to come home and scratch off to reveal this gorgeous colorful layer underneath!


Warning: May encourage travel addiction!


4. Kindle Paperwhite E Reader

There’s no way to carry 2-3 books or travel guides with you on airlines these days. Haven’t you seen those outrageous baggage fees?!

A Kinde Paperwhite E Reader is exactly the gift that every traveler needs- from their survival guide books to their soul-searching novels, your travel buddy can carry 20 books at once in one device.

Plus, the black-and-white screen makes it feel like you’re reading a book. No strain on the eyes!





5. International Electronic Adapter


Rather than carrying one adapter for Asia and one adapter for South America- ditch the bulk and with one international adapter for every continent.


Remember! An adapter is no only to make the plugs fit the socket! Every country has a different electrical current. Don’t ruin your electronics with the wrong electrical current.


6. A Skype Phone Number


Want to keep in constant contact with your travel freak while they’re abroad? Give them a Skype Phone number that you can call at any time. No need for SIM cards or scheduled phone times. Just pick up the phone and call!


7. Travel Neck Pillow


 Typical neck pillow are bulky with uncomfortable material that itches, scratches, and ends up being tossed out before you know it.

Not this neck pillow.


Can we even call it a pillow? Its more like supportive scarf that does the exact same job with plush material for sleeping and super compact for packing.



8. Adventure Fund


Travel ain’t cheap, y’all! Everyone needs a reminder to save save save if they want to explore the world- and here is the perfect motivation.


Stuff your restaurant tips, extra change, and spontaneous $20 bill in your travel fund piggy bank to afford that round trip ticket to Mexico in no time!


9. Anti-theft Money Belt


For the guys, there’s this super secure money belt to keep their cards, cash, and passport.


For the girls, there is this discrete money pocket that she can secure onto her bra or undies to fit her cards and cash.


No one is about to be stranded and broke in this family!


10. Travel Insurance


Moms. Dads. Auntie Kate. It is your duty to make sure that your little traveler is insured!


The young ones don’t appreciate a good travel plan but when something goes wrong- boy, will they wish they had it.


These travel plans take 5 minutes to sign up for and are customizable for the country or countries where he or she is traveling.


It covers tummy troubles, infections, bike crashes, and even helicopter medevac. They’ll thank you if anything bad should happen! 








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