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March 21, 2018

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5 Mommy & Me Exercise Routines for Families Abroad

July 16, 2018

I was chatting with a girlfriend the other day. She lives in Vietnam with her husband and 5-year-old daughter. She and her husband are both teachers with a regular 35-hour work week. Her daughter goes to school during the day and has hobbies of her own in the evenings. Honestly, this family is just like any other busy family from the western world...they just happen to live in Asia.


Anyways! We got on the topic of "How do I find time to work out" and "How do I find time to bond with the baby" and so...this article was born. 


Valerie, this one is for you and all the other moms who can easily conquer two birds with one stone. Mommy and Me exercise routines offer you and your little one to move your bodies together! You can teach your kids that healthy habits are an important part of your daily routine, while getting your workout in at the same time! Set a good example for your child and they will grow up following your footsteps. Congratulations on being the best mom ever! 


Here are a couple of EASY ways to weave "Mommy and Me Exercise" into your daily routine...


1. Morning Stretching



Head rolls, across-the-body arm stretches or sitting on the floor in the butterfly pose; stretching is such a simple, and lovely way to start the day for both you and your "mini me." You can make it a game by stretching while counting each one of your toes, or you can stretch to some of your favorite music. Don’t feel bad when you discover how much more limber your child may be than you!


2. Crossfit


Yep, I said the ‘C’ word. But before you think I’m crazy, just hear me out. My friend is a Crossfit coach who happens to have a young and ever-so-impressionable daughter. Momma started taking her daughter to her Crossfit classes and the little one would flop around the gym mimicking what she saw. Eventually, my friend had the idea to buy her daughter a foam dumbbell like this. That little girl loves to lift weights just like her mommy, and she will be so proud the day that she gets to pick up a real one like the big kids! Crossfit gyms are literally located all over the world, even in Asia! 


3. Walk

How did such a classic task become so forgotten? If you are comfortable in your neighborhood, walk three blocks to the store instead of driving. Or after dinner, make it a habit to have Mother-Daughter/Son time with a walk around the block, making note of what you see around you. This is a nice way to jolt yourself out of a couch-rut, or wind down a long day for you both.



4. Zumba


This dance-style form of exercise is my favorite! This form of exercise feels more like playtime, and your child is sure to look forward to it. Find a Zumba YouTube channel that you love and isn’t too advanced so the youngsters can follow along! My favorite channel is Shani Zumba, as her routines are adjustable to a child and adult level. I use her videos to teach my Kindergarten class that exercise is fun! They mimic the dance moves on the screen to the best of their adorable ability, and I go all out to the point where I’m sweating like a pig by the end.



5. Yoga


 Take your mornings up a notch and try out some yoga, if only for 10-minutes a day. This video will give you some great ideas for child-friendly yoga poses that will still challenge Mom. If you have an antsy child, turn your yoga time into a chat-session to help pass the time and bond you two closer together. Ask your little one about what they are excited about at school or quiz them in spelling! Both your bodies and minds will feel invigorated and ready for the day!




Don’t forget that children learn by example and imitation, especially from their parents in the early years. When kids are little, they believe that Mom hangs the sun in the morning and that Dad throws the stars in the sky at night. Anything you do, they will follow! Make sure that they are following the healthiest examples possible. If you weren’t motivated to get moving before, here is a reason to be motivated now!






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